What are the main hoses that transfer coolant in my car?

Coolant hoses have come a long way since the original water hose type of radiator hose. Today, coolant hoses consist of a tough fiber and ingrained with metal sheathing that is resistant to wear and tear caused by coolant movement. Four hoses carry coolant: The upper radiator hose, the lower radiator hose and the dual hoses that carry coolant to and from the heater core under your dashboard.

A leak in any of these hoses can cause your car to overheat and to eventually die on the highway. Coolant hoses wear from the inside out. You will not notice the wear, but a trained auto technician knows how to look. Pressure gauges and flow counts provide all the proof technicians need to recommend new coolant hoses.

At Heritage Mitsubishi-Morrow, we check your hoses for signs of wear during each oil change.



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