Discover the Power of Android Auto

When you’re driving around town, you can tap into more technology with Android Auto. At Heritage Mitsubishi Morrow, we’ll show you what vehicles are compatible with this in-vehicle technology. Suddenly, you can take a hands-free approach to your infotainment.

Rather than turning your eyes away from the road for a few moments, you can use voice commands in order to play your favorite music. You can adjust the volume by using commands, too. Plus, if you want to listen to an audiobook, Android Auto can make that happen easily as well.

A Google Assistant will be inside of your vehicle to help with all sorts of different things. You can say, “Okay Google,” and tell it what you want. This includes getting navigational directions to somewhere you want to go or help to call a contact on your list. Various apps from your phone can be accessed, making it easier to find out where gas stations are, stream music, and more.



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