Different Ways to Soften Adhesive on Your Vehicle

For badges, you are going to have to soften up the adhesive in order to remove them. Fortunately, there are different ways that you will be able to soften the adhesive. Knowing each of the methods for softening up the adhesive will make you aware of the options you have in removing the badge.

One of the ways that you can soften the adhesive is with the use of hot water. If you spray hot water on the adhesive, then it is going to soften it up so that you can remove the badge from your vehicle.

Other methods for softening the adhesive include using a hair dryer and an adhesive remover. With the adhesive remover, you just have to spray along the edges and let it seep between the badge and the vehicle. With the hair dryer, you just have to blow back and forth until you can move the badge under pressure.



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