An alternator is a heavy duty auto part that works properly for up to 100,000 to 150,000 miles, or seven years, if properly cared for. Proper care should entail routine visits to us at Heritage Mitsubishi-Morrow for knowledgeable, expert maintenance. With proper care, your alternator should function optimally every single time you get in your car. What does an alternator actually do? Here's a basic primer.

Your battery's sole electricity source is your car's alternator. When you cruise through town, your alternator absorbs mechanical energy from your car's motion and makes it into electrical energy, very much like a watermill. The alternator keeps your car battery fully charged and feeds electricity through your battery to all the parts of your car that require electricity.

Although your battery manages and distributes energy created within the alternator, its main job is to jump the car starter that turns your engine over. Once the engine turns over, your alternator takes up all the responsibility of electrically powering every electrical interior and exterior system of your car.

To learn more about optimal alternator and battery care and health, pop over to our dealership at any time. We'd love to chat with you.



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