Roadside Emergency Tips You Need to Know

You need to be prepared to deal with roadside emergencies when they occur. It is practically guaranteed that one will happen to you in your lifetime. Would you know what to do if it did happen?

  • Get Pulled Over Immediately - It is your responsibility to get pulled over and safely off the road to avoid endangering yourself or other motorists.
  • Put On Your Hazards - Putting on your hazards lets other drivers know that you are having an issue and they should respond by giving you plenty of room to take care of what you need to.
  • Exit The Vehicle When It Is Safe To Do So - You should exit the vehicle only when it is safe for you to do so. Remember you are still on the road.
  • Be Careful About Accepting Help From Strangers - It may save you money to accept help from someone who just happens to pass by, but it could also be highly dangerous.



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