Infotainment systems are the toast among the tech geeks on our HERITAGE MITSUBISHI-MORROW team. Each year, systems get more advanced and interactive, adding a plethora of fun and useful tech features to your daily commute through the city and extended trips to faraway adventures.

What is an Infotainment System?

"Infotainment" is a portmanteau combining the words "information" and "entertainment." U.K. scientists coined the term in 1980 when they added fun skits to break up the monotony of professional conferences.

Today's infotainment systems consist of in-dash, touchscreen-centered systems providing access to navigation, weather, owner's manuals, radio and other media. All infotainment systems are very similar, but each manufacturer calls their system something different: UConnect corresponds to Fiat-Chrysler, Sync to Ford and CUE to Cadillac.

Smart Device Integration

Infotainment systems are essentially microcomputers running on an Android, QNX or a Linux OS. As a result, they can interface with iOS and Android devices via Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. Most infotainment systems also support their own variety of familiar apps, such as Spotify, Pandora and The Weather Channel.

Play with the latest infotainment systems in person during a test drive at HERITAGE MITSUBISHI-MORROW.


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