We've all been there. You've got a dirty car but are running late to pick up your friend, relative or coworker. Suddenly, your anxiety kicks in! Thankfully, at HERITAGE MITSUBISHI-MORROW, your vehicle's appearance matters greatly to us, and as such, we are offering three steps for when you need to get your car clean quickly and effectively, so you can get yourself where you need to be, on time.
  1. Rid Your Car of Rubbish - Take a trash bag and start gutting your car of any trash you see lying around. Be sure to check under and between seats, as stale potato chips and other unmentionables love to hide themselves in these areas.
  2. Swipe and Shake It Down - Next, take your hand and swipe your seats, removing all loose debris that might be hanging out. Once your seats are looking pretty good, take your floor mats and shake them out before placing them back into the vehicle.
  3. Spray It Off - If you're really pressed for time, quickly turn on the water hose and spray your car down quickly. Don't worry about drying it unless you have an extra minute. The vehicle will likely dry on its own.
Once you've followed these steps, you're done. Hop in your vehicle and take off! Your ride is clean and presentable until you have the time to baby it the way it needs.


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