Whether you're bringing your car in for regular service or for repairs, there are a number of reasons to consider taking your car to a dealership instead of the corner garage. Although some garages may claim to be more affordable, shoddy service often leads to more costs in the long run. If you want something done right the first time, take it to the professionals at the dealership.

According to Popular Mechanics, taking your car to a dealership for service is a good idea if you want it to be worked on by certified, manufacture-trained specialists. If you have a Mitsubishi brand car, technicians like those at Heritage Mitsubishi know everything there is to know about that model. Unlike technicians at corner garages, the mechanics at a dealership specialize in working on your cars. Generally, the dealership is more accurate at diagnosing and quicker at repairing cars that are from their manufacturer.

Warranties are a major reason to take it to a certified dealership. Many brands offer discounted or free service if your car is under warranty. That means if a part or system fails, it can be fixed at the dealership at no cost to you. See your specific warranty for more information on what is covered by contract.

Dealerships are also great for service because they have the latest diagnostic tools and better amenities. When automakers develop software to help decode computers on your car, they send it straight to the dealerships. Corner garages are often unable to afford this expensive and complex technology, making it difficult for them to know what's wrong with your car. Dealerships get things done right the first time. Plus, the amenities at dealers tend to be better, with clean, comfortable waiting areas and services like pickup and delivery.

Don't settle-take it to the professionals the first time around. Visit our service center at Heritage Mitsubishi today.